Network Planning And Optimization Engineers.

Vedang Radios
    • Bihar |
    • Up E |
    • Gujarat |
    • Rob |
    • Madhya Pradesh |
    • 3.0 - 5.0
    • Posted on Friday, August 26 at 4:24PM
    • 0.0 - lacs/yr

    Job Description

    We will requiring urgent submission of Resume for the deployment of Man Month Network Planning and Optimization Engineers. The total Requirement will be 15.

    The deployment duration will be for a Minimum of 3 Months and the place of location will be in Clusters of Bihar , UP E , Gujarat , ROB and Madhya Pradesh.


    The Job Description is as below:-


    Role                                                    : Network Planning & Optimization Engineer

    Function                                             : Radio                 

    Years of Experience Required        : 3-5 years . Minimum of 1 years working experience in 4G optimization in field  


    Position Descriptions:


    4G Planning & Optimization : 

    To understand the site database e.g. PCID, Neighbour List, TA Planning, RACH sequence planning and to fine tune the same based on the drive test results etc

    To actively participate in field trials, feature implementation, deployment & optimization for TDD/FDD LTE

    Knowledge of RF design fundamentals, RF propagation behaviour

    Knowledge of LTE radio network optimization and audit process which includes configuration audits, parameters audit, and radio capacity assessment.

    Experience in L3 analysing. Knowledge on post processing, report preparation from analysis tool (TEMS, NEMO, Actix or equivalent) - SCFT, Cluster optimization

    Familiarity with Nokia, OSS tools, reporting solution, counters & parameters and Feature implementation for 4G networks.

    Experience on Multi - Layer Optimization, Layering, IRAT mobility planning, optimization and troubleshooting

    To handle  XML creation based on Macro’s

    Ability to multi-task, work independently and coordinate resources to achieve desired goals.

    Must be open for travel

    Salary : INR 0.0 - P.A


    Recruiter Name : Rajesh

    Email Address :

    Telephone : 9616691302