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Each nominal has a search ring defined by the RF Planner ,Candidates needs to be identified as close as possible to the nominal within the search ring.

Height, orientations & antenna placement at site are the key RF parameter which are based upon the coverage requirement in the area.

Major obstructions and clutter type in various directions to be observed on RF survey.

Equipment required for RF Survey


•Digital Camera


•Magnetic Compass

•Measuring Tape

There might be 3 or more candidates surveys for one site

Each candidate would have an RF survey form and panoramic associated with it.

Site Selection(General Considerations‚Äč)

Proper site location determines usefulness of its cells

Sites are expensive

Sites are long-term investments

Site acquisition is a slow process

Hundreds of sites needed per network

Bad Site Location

Avoid hill-top locations for BS sites

•uncontrolled interferences

•interleaved coverage

•awkward HO behaviours

but: good location for microwave links

Good Site Location

Prefer sites off the hill-tops

•use hills to separate cells

•contiguous coverage area

•needs only low antenna heights if sites are slightly elevated above valley bottom.

Site Info

Collect all necessary information about site details

site coordinates, height above sea level, exact address

house owner

type of building

building materials (photo)

possible antenna heights

360deg photo (clearance view)

neighbourhood, surrounding environment

drawing sketch of rooftop

antenna mounting conditions

access possibilities (truck?, road, roof)

BS location, approx. feeder lengths


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