Mobile services switching center

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The Mobile services Switching Center (MSC) performs the system telephony switching functions. It also controls calls to and from other telephony and data systems, such as the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN). In Ericsson’s GSM system, the VLR (see next section) is always integrated with the MSC to form a MSC/VLR.

The MSC/VLR is responsible for:
· Functions for setting up and controlling calls, including supplementary services.
· Functions for handling speech path continuity for moving subscribers (handover)

.· Functions for updating mobile subscribers’ location (location updating and location canceling) in the different location registers.
· Functions for updating mobile subscriber data.
· provision of functions for signaling to and from:
– The BSCs and the MSs (using BSSAP)
– Other GSM entities (using MAP, TUP or ISUP).
– Other networks such as PSTN or ISDN (using TUP or ISUP).
· Administrative functions for defining data and handling of the mobile subscribers.
· Security related functions that perform authentication or
 selective authentication, ciphering, (re)allocation and analysis of the TMSI.
· Functions for IMEI check.
· Functions for receiving and delivering short messages to and from the MS.
· Charging and accounting.

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