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The Home Location Register (HLR) is a database that stores and manages subscriptions. In a PLMN there is one or several HLRs. For each “home” subscriber, the HLR contains permanent subscriber data such as:

The associated numbers - MSISDN and IMSI

· A list of services - teleservices, bearer services and supplementary services, which the subscriber is authorized
to use.
The HLR also stores and updates dynamic data about each “home” subscriber including subscriber location (VLR-address), services registered to/activated by the subscriber or the operator such as call forwarded numbers and call barring for certain types of calls. The HLR can be integrated in the same node as the MSC/VLR, or can be implemented as a separate node.

The HLR provides functions defined in the GSM specifications.
For example:

· Connection of mobile subscribers and definition of corresponding subscriber data.
· Maintenance of a database of mobile subscribers and corresponding subscriber data.
· Subscription to basic services.
· Registration/deletion of supplementary services.
· Activation/deactivation of supplementary services.
· Interrogation of supplementary services status.
· Functions for analysis of mobile subscriber numbers (MSISDN, IMSI, additional MSISDNs) and other types      of addresses.
· Handling of authentication and ciphering data for mobile subscribers including communication with an authenticationcenter.
· Functions for communication with GMSC and VLR using the No. 7 signaling system and MAP..
· Statistical functions for collecting data about system performance.

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